Aug 16, 2017

George Michael’s Last Christmas Girlfriend Debbie Killingback Then and Now

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Do you remember the blonde girl who played George Michael’s girlfriend from the Last Christmas music video? Her name is Debbie Killingback. She is a British actress.

Last Christmas girlfriend then

Last Christmas girlfriend then

Debbie played his girlfriend in the video for Last Christmas in 1986. Debbie and George spent four days together filming the Last Christmas video.

george michael last-christmas girlfriend then

george michael last-christmas girlfriend then

She said that afterwards the four of them spent the night celebrating by going dancing. Debbie said on December 26, 2016, “We spent all night dancing at the Marquee and the Wag Club, he was a lovely, down-to-earth person.”

What is Debbie doing now and what does she look like now? Here’s a picture of Debbie now.

george michael last christmas girlfriend now

George Michael Last Christmas girlfriend now, December 26, 2016

Last Christmas George Michael's girlfriend now

Last Christmas George Michael’s girlfriend now, 2017

She is still doing as an actress as well as a theatrical Agent for both children and adult management.

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