Aug 4, 2019

Last Christmas Story

Andrew Ridgeley who was a former Wham bandmate tell the story of how George Michael showed him Last Christmas for the first time. George Michael wrote Last Christmas in his childhood bedroom while Andrew was sitting watching TV downstairs at George’s parents’ house.

Last Christmas Story George Michael

Last Christmas Story George Michael

Andrew said;

“We’d had a bite to eat and were sitting together relaxing with the television on in the background when, almost unnoticed, George disappeared upstairs for an hour or so. When he came back down, such was his excitement, it was as if he had discovered gold which, in a sense, he had.”

He also said

“We went to his old room, the room in which we had spent hours as kids recording pastiches of radio shows and jingles, the room where he kept a keyboard and something on which to record his sparks of inspiration, and he played me the introduction and the beguiling, wistful chorus melody to ‘Last Christmas.’ It was a moment of wonder.”

Then, he added

“George had performed musical alchemy, distilling the essence of Christmas into music. Adding a lyric which told the tale of betrayed love was a masterstroke and, as he did so often, he touched hearts.”

You can tell by Andrew’s words that George was so excited like bouncing down the stairs of his parents’ house when he discovered the introduction melody of Last Christmas.

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