Aug 24, 2019

George Michael’s Music and Last Christmas Movie

How George Michael’s Music is used in Last Christmas Movie

George Michael's Music and Last Christmas 2019

George Michael’s Music and Last Christmas 2019

George Michael’s music is essential to the Last Christmas movie. All songs used in the movie are loosely based off of the song, “Last Christmas.” Within the movie, the characters such as Kate (Emilia Clarke plays) and Tom (Henry Golding plays) seem to do deeply interact with George Michael’s music. Especially George Michael’s music in the movie seems to be significantly important to Kate who is a young aspiring singer whose hero is George Michael. The lyrics means a lot to her like soundtrack to her life. Other times she is directly interacting with or performing the George Michael’s music.

How the Unreleased George Michael’s song is used in Last Christmas Movie

The director of the Last Christmas movie, Paul Feig said to BBC News “He (George Michael) was putting together his new album when he passed.” Paul also said “”And one of our tracks is one of those songs, and it’s just an absolutely amazing song that I’m so excited the world is going to get to hear now.” Feig continues to speak about the new track that George Michael wrote and sang in his new album, saying “It’s a very celebratory song, I would dare say. And we were able to play the entire song, which is almost six minutes long, in the film.” He also said “”Because when you get a song that has never been heard, you don’t want to just use, like, 15 seconds of it. The song starts at the end of the film, and then goes into the credits.”

The Last Christmas movie 2019 is George Michael inspired film. In fact, according to Radio Times, Last Christmas movie was inspired by the Wham!’s Last Christmas that written, produced and recoded by George Michael, who also collaborated on the concept for the movie before his death.

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